Who we are

CMPC Boxboard, subsidiary of Empresas CMPC SpA, is a company dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of paperboard since 1951. The long experience of Cartulinas CMPC in the field and its advanced technology, along with the raw materials it uses, allows to deliver products of the highest quality competing with the most prestigious suppliers in the world.

CMPC Boxboard has two production plants, one of them located in the city of Valdivia and another in region del Maule, with a total capacity of 520,000 tons per year. This allows us to become a long-term business partner, capable of having large volumes for both the local market and for export. Currently, Cartulinas CMPC supplies the national market, and allocates close to 85% of its production to export customers in more than 45 countries in all 5 continents.

Currently, CMPC Boxboard supplies the national market, and allocates close to 85% of its production to export customers in more than 45 countries in all 5 continents.

CMPC Boxboard

CMPC Boxboard belongs to Empresas CMPC, one of the largest companies in the world in the forestry and paper industry. Founded in 1920, it was a pioneer in Chile in the production and manufacture of cellulose and paper, having today almost 100 years of experience in the field, which support its operations in forestry, cellulose, paper, tissue products, industrial bags, corrugated boxes and office products; participating in more than 50 countries in all five continents.

Empresas CMPC is a company that carries out its industrial work with a high degree of integration and geographic and product diversification through three business units and has industrial plants in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador.


Mission and Vision

To be considered by our customers a long-term paperboard supplier.

To be a sustainable and respected company in the market, considered by our employees as a great company to work for, a sign of development in the communities where we operate, with productive processes friendly to the environment and finally to be considered a long-term business partner by our suppliers.




Being leaders in the global paperboard industry.


The beginnings of the company are linked to the operational launch of our Valdivia Plant, in 1951. This productive unit was a pioneer in Latin America in the production of paperboard for the manufacture of cases and displays. The installation has been renewed and updated several times in order to maintain it at an optimum technological and environmental level.


Empresas CMPC decided to invest in a second paperboard production line, which was built in the town of Yerbas Buenas, with an initial investment of 230 MMUSD, Maule Plant was inaugurated in 1998, with a production capacity of 150 thousand tons per year. In a similar way to the Valdivia Plant, Maule Plant has been rebuilt several times, being the last one in 2018, where 122 MMUSD were invested, with positive impacts on the environment, productive capacity, performance and quality of its products.


Productive units

The CMPC Biopackaging divition Boxboard manufactures its products in two plants, one located near the city of Valdivia and the other in region del Maule. Both plants have the certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, which demonstrate the serious concern for the quality of their products, without neglecting the balance of the environment and the environment, and those who work with us.

The CMPC Biopackaging divition Boxboard also has multi-site certifications, the chain of custody FSC® (FSC-C002669) and PEFC ™ (PEFC / 24-31-1400), which corroborate our clear orientation to quality and sustainability.


Data sheet

  • Machine:
  • Machine width:
    4,85 m
  • Speed:
    340 – 850 m/min
  • Weight:
    200 – 400 g/m2
  • Ex-winder capacity:
    450.000 ton/año
  • Coater Face:
  • Reverse coating machine:

Maule plant

Inaugurated in 1998, Maule Plant is located 280 km in the south of Santiago and has a production capacity of 450,000 tons per year, after the recent execution and implementation of the production increase and operational continuity project in 2018. This factory produces paperboard with an excellent rigidity / grammage performance and it has advanced control systems in each of its processes, which result in an efficient production, quality and environment friendly.

This modern plant also has a robotic warehouse, which allows to store 10,000 tons of paperboard rolls in original formats, to be converted into its automated cutting room, according to customers' needs, in optimal terms and with the minimum of loss.


Data sheet

  • Machine:
  • Machine width:
    2,42 m
  • Speed:
    175 - 330 m/min
  • Weight:
    180 – 380 g/m2
  • Ex-winder capacity:
    70.000 ton/año
  • Coater Face:
  • Reverse coating machine:

Valdivia plant

Inaugurated in 1951, the Valdivia plant was a pioneer in Latin America in the production of paperboards for the manufacture of cases and displays

It had an initial production of 5,000 ton per year, a figure that currently reaches 70,000 tons per year, thanks to two major reforms of the paper machine and its services, one carried out during the year 1991, another executed in 2006 and the most recent one carried out in 2015. These reforms also included treatment plants for cuttings and effluents that preserve the environmental balance of the area, as well as a boiler for forest biomass.

Main executives

Francisco García-Huidobro

General Manager

Pablo Yunis

Commercial Manager

Juan Constabel

Operations Manager

Mario Aguilera

Logistics and Transport Manager

Marcela Guzmán

Manager S&OP

Marco Costaguta

Submanagement Administration

Christian Rojas

Manager of Human Resources