Logistics and

CMPC Biopackaging has a wide experience and high level of logistic service given its export focus, being present in the five continents.

Our production chain operates on the basis of production cycles, which allows us to project the shipping dates of products abroad.

We are assisted by logistics operators of first level, in origin and destination, as well as we use recognized shipping companies to transport our products.

We have warehouses in the United States, England, Spain, The Netherlands and Italy, which allows us to deliver a local supplier service.

The entire logistics chain is supported by computer systems and technology that allow us to optimize the different processes and provide detailed information regarding the process in which the orders of our customers are located

Technical support and training

In its permanent orientation to the efficiency of the use of the product in our clients, CMPC Biopackaging It has a structure and processes that allow us to provide our customers with high standard technical support, both remotely and in person

We have a team specialized in the optimal and efficient use of our products, so that our clients obtain the best performance in their processes.

We have a technical team trained and oriented to provide solutions.

We deliver quick and satisfactory answers to the different requirements of our clients.

We carry out periodic technical visits to the different markets, in order to keep the clients trained and trained to give an optimal use to our products.

We provide our customers with our technological infrastructure, either through sample analysis, substitution studies, evaluation of inter-laboratory parameters, among others.