Main features

Boxboard is currently the main raw material for the manufacture of cases and paperboard. paperboard containers not only function as a container, but serve to promote the products facilitating the recognition of themselves and their brand. Cartulinas CMPC manufactures the appropriate raw material for containers and displays, due to its high rigidity and dimensional stability -which avoids the deformation of the container-, and its exceptional printing surface, which allows designs that attract the final consumer at the point of sale.

CMPC Boxboard also has a line of paperboard specially designed for the graphic editorial and high quality areas.

CMPC Boxboard uses in the manufacture of its products cellulose and virgin fiber of Radiata Pine, which allows to deliver a product with an optimum grammage / rigidity performance. This means that at the same rigidity values, CMPC offers products with lower grammage, which translates into comparative advantages for customers, since they can obtain more sheets and cases per unit of paperboard weight.

The CMPC paperboard grades have excellent runnability properties due to their high rigidity, dimensional stability and lint-free cutting. This allows different conversion processes to have better performance and efficiency, with minimal losses, shorter time process and higher productivity.


Another noteworthy feature of CMPC's paperboard is its safe use as packaging material in direct contact with food, because it does not put people's health at risk, due to the use of virgin fibers. This dismisses the possibility of transmitting harmful substances to food. This important characteristic for the health of the people, is certified internationally by the prestigious German institute ISEGA.

All products sold by CMPC Boxboard are 100% recyclable and compostable; the fibers used in its manufacture come from farms managed sustainably and certified under  FSC®(FSC-C002669) & PEFC(PEFC/24-31-1400) chain of custody norms.

Double Side Folding Boxboard

CMPC Graphics GC1


Multilayer paperboard coated on both sides, with double layer of clay on the upper face and a layer on the reverse side, so it can be printed on both sides, either with offset, rotogravure or flexographic technology.

It is maninly used in the pharmaceutical, graphic, tobacco, food, cosmetics, personal care and bakery fields.

The available grammages

range from 205 to 370 g / m2.


Coated Folding Boxboard with Manilla Back

CMPC Maule GC2


Coated multilayer paperboard, with double clay coating on the top and back cream. It can be printed using offset, rotogravure or flexography technology.

It is mainly used by pharmaceutical, graphic, food and liquor companies.

The available grammages

range from 215 to 380 g / m2.


Coated Folding Boxboard with Kraft Back


It is a coated multilayer paperboard with reverse kraft. It has an excellent printability, dimensional stability and high grammage / rigidity ratio due to the presence of mechanical pulp BTMP (Bleached Thermo-mechanical Pulp).

Its use is recommended for the industrial packaging of products, dry and frozen foods, detergents, book and notebook covers, among others.

CMPC RC is manufactured in grammages ranging from 180 to 370 g / m2 and is suitable for printing in offset, rotogravure and flexography.


Valdivia Coated Folding Box Board with Kraft Back

CMPC Valdivia RC


The Valdivia RC multilayer paperboard has a coated surface that provides excellent print quality; its reverse side is similar in appearance to our CMPC RC, with a homogeneous appearance.

Its fibrous composition gives an intensive use to the mechanical fiber, so it can be used in the most diverse packaging applications, including contact with food. It has a lower grammage / rigidity ratio than our CMPC RC.

The low grammages are suitable for lamination applications with microcorrugated paperboard.


Natural paperboard

CMPC Natural Kraft

It is a multilayer paperboard without clay, whose upper face is sized, which makes it suitable for printing.

Thanks to its natural appearance, which privileges the use of unbleached fibers, it is an excellent alternative for the packaging of products that look for an image of sustainability and that wish to differentiate themselves at the point of sale.

CMPC Natural Kraft is certified for direct contact with food and can be used in the most diverse packaging applications. This paperboard has a good grammage / stiffness ratio, it is available in grammages ranging from 185 to 395 g / m2, being suitable for plating processes with corrugated paperboard and liner replacement in certain uses.