Benefits for our customers

Boxboard CMPC uses in the manufacture of its products cellulose and virgin fiber of Radiata Pine, which allows to deliver a product with an optimum grammage / rigidity performance. This means that at the same rigidity values, CMPC offers products with lower grammage, which translates into comparative advantages for customers, since they can obtain more sheets and cases per unit of paperboard weight.


The CMPC paperboard grades have excellent runnability properties due to their high rigidity, dimensional stability and lint-free cutting. This allows different conversion processes to have better performance and efficiency, with minimal losses, shorter time process and higher productivity.


Boxboard CMPC also has a line of paperboard specially designed for the graphic editorial and high quality areas.

CMPC Graphics GC1

CMPC Maule GC2


CMPC Valdivia RC

Natural Kraft

Dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of paperboard since 1951.

The beginnings of the company are linked to the operational launch of our Valdivia Plant, in 1951. This productive unit was a pioneer in Latin America in the production of paperboard for the manufacture of cases and displays. The installation has been renewed and updated several times in order to maintain it at an optimum technological and environmental level.

Logistics and Transportation

Boxboard CMPC SpA has a wide experience and high level of logistic service given its export focus, being present in the five continents.

Technical support and training

In its permanent orientation to the efficiency of the use of the product in our clients, Boxboard CMPC SpA It has a structure and processes that allow us to provide our customers with high standard technical support, both remotely and in perso